Marketforce crowned Industry Partner of the Year.

Marketforce has been crowned Industry Partner of the year at the ACE Newspaper & Magazine Awards, the highest accolade within our Industry.

Judges said “Marketforce has worked hard to understand their Clients and find solutions for them in a tough market place. A comprehensive understanding of client’s needs and the wider market context including insights, research and client tools clearly added value to their service offering”.

There was also success for many of our Clients. Huge congratulations to:

  • DJ Murphy for winning Children’s magazine of the year with Pony.
  • Mortons for winning Specialist magazine of the year with Kitchen Garden
  • Anthem for winning International Publication of the year with Colouring Heaven
  • New Scientist for winning Subscriptions campaign of the year
  • and Panini who were highly commended for campaign of the year with Panini Premier League Stickers.

Well done to everyone who entered and thank you ACE for allowing this to happen.