With the magazine market affected so heavily by seasonality, its always exciting to see the approaches taken by publishers to capitalise on key events.

Total UK Halloween spending is estimated at over one billion British pounds for 2023*, and remains a key trading time for a number of retailers. The magazine industry is no different.

Shoppers are keen to engage with all things spooky, and are looking for inspiration across a range of content ideas including costumes, food and decorations.

With the festive and new year periods fast approaching, we’re excited by the breadth of different products coming through the pipeline to cater to consumer demand.

So what does your 2024 schedule look like? Are you making the most of the wider market trends and seasonal peaks?

New product development remains crucial to overall market performance, industry growth and retaining category space at retail.

So what are you waiting for? Review your back catalogues, look for gaps and follow those trends!

*Source: Statista