An article recently shared by Bo Sacks‘ ‘Heard on the Web’ newsletter from The Conversation UK, focuses around the anticipated death of print in a digital age. Referencing original Ghostbuster, Egon Spengler, who so rudely declared that ‘print is dead’ in the cult 1984 film, its true that the category might not be what it once was – but it is still alive and kicking.

The sheer volume of free online content is hard to compete with, yet the sector shows its resilience with new magazines continuing to launch in all markets annually. We’ve seen shuttered brands brought back as collectable nostalgic specials, increased trust in the printed form and total market growth in many territories within the last 12-months.

Print has successfully been repositioned as a ‘luxury product’, offering consumers an experience that just can’t be replicated the same way online.
Its this “blend of iconoclasm and authority, novelty and continuity, marketability and creativity, social engagement and personal voice” that continues to captivate readers on a worldwide stage.

As this article so perfectly sums up, “… [magazines] are not dead or even dying. They can be seen as moving into a smaller, but sustainable, place in the media landscape.”

We’re in this for the long haul ✌