An annual initiative from industry charity, NEWSTRAID BENEVOLENT FUND, Woolly Wednesday helps highlight the support available to those struggling to cover the cost of heating over the winter months.

Through the distribution of small ‘comfort grants’, the NewstrAid team are doing their bit to ensure that ‘everyone stays warm this winter’.

NewstrAid offers financial and mental health assistance to those who are, or have been, employed in the selling and distribution of newspapers and magazines in the UK who may find themselves in hardship.

According to an article from The Guardian published earlier this year, one in four households regularly run out of money for essentials, whilst the ONS flagged that a similar number of businesses continue to be concerned about rising costs.

Support such as this can make all the difference, so if you or anyone you know in the industry are finding things hard – don’t be afraid to reach out to NewstrAid.

Donations can be made via their site, or through the purchase of tickets for their Christmas Raffle.

For more information about NewstrAid or to get involved, visit